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This university is the highest educational institution for the nurture of police cadres in our country. To carry out the education of these cadres, the university established the Student Corps. The mission of Student Corps includes life education, leadership education, ethics education, military training education, extracurricular activities counseling, campus security, and student safety. The vision for the Student Corps includes the following goals:
1. To nurture students’ patriotism and ability for independent thinking
2. To assist students in forming a simple and honest attitude toward life
3. To enable students to keep calm in moments of danger and display leadership potential with confidence
4. To cultivate police cadres with characteristics of excellence to serve our country
 Emergency Interconnection
    03-3282321   ext.4677
Commander in Chief, Chen, Tung-He
Fax : 886-3-3278417
Tel : 886-3-3282321 ext. 4560