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2015 Cadet Boot Camp of Central Police University
publish date : 2015-09-23
The cadet boot camp is an important process in CPU education with the goal to establish leadership to each new student. Mental, spiritual, physical and notional elements are considered essential during the training. At the same time, living education and spirit education are taken to be the basis of the development of police officer. Therefore, the training is regarded with full attentions by all faculty members; including the introduction of the environment, stamina training, basic military training, manner training and group life adaption, etc. In the hope that all new students can persevere in the own option of their future work, develop fine manner and behavior, form the perseverance and the sentiment of group honor in the short time in order to settle a fine basis of leadership developing education.
The 2015 cadet boot camp began on August 14th. Trainees include 15 days for 4-year undergraduate program (high school graduates), 10 days for 2-year undergraduate program (in-service police officers) and 8 days for graduate program in a total of 437 cadets. Led by the squadron officers and sergeants, the trainees were in training of all aspects ranging from walking, parading, sitting, living, eating, clothing, housing, manners, bearing, and tidiness to discipline obedience in order to cultivate good habits and offer proper instruction and encouragement.
The training evaluation was taken place on August 27th and 28th with the highest ambition shown by all new students and passed the approval exams with the best bearing, sonorous singing sound and indomitable spirit and then become one of the new members of Central Police University with sweats and tears. Among the new cadets, the freshman of forensic science department, Xu Yi Ting, who could have entered the Kaohsiung Medical University of Medicine but chose to follow the steps of Dr. Henry Lee, a world-renowned forensic scientist. Although the 15-day extreme recruit training was filled with the challenges of will and physical trainings, she had never headed down and began her 4-year undergraduate life after she went through all the trials successfully.
Freshmen inherit the lifeblood of the school and the cadet boot camp has always been one of the most traditional educational activities in our school. All faculties and sergeants made their best efforts and wish profoundly that new cadets could be well prepared for the coming 4-year with the correct concept, the most graceful apparatus and firm will to be a police officer. Additionally, the recruit training is aimed to form good behavior, develop noble elegance and temperament, provoke the sense of honor, train the strong spirit, promote confidence and ultimately arouse the productivity and enthusiasm of police work to each new cadet.
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