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2015 34th Sports Meets of Central Police University
publish date : 2015-12-24
Minister Chen Wei Ren of minister of interior, hosted the opening ceremony of the 34th sports meets of central police university on November 20th, 2015.
There were plenty of races and performances in this carnival, containing track and field meets, marches and dances. And the large props made by every corps were much more amazing. The squirrel in Ice Age of 84-1 Corps was so cute and vivid, presenting the energy and youth of a corps of freshmen adequately; the turret in League of Legends of 83-1 Corps was set up on high as if it could attack the enemies that came invading; The Buzz Lightyear of 82-1 Corps was upstanding and true to life, symbolizing the hegemony and outstanding temperament of 82-1Corps; when we comes to 81-1 Corps, we can see Thomas of 81-1 Corps was so elaborate and imposing, no matter the toughness of its inner structure or the delicacy of its outer appearance, all appearing the exquisite thoughts and perfect design from the seniors who were actually leading cards to the juniors.
After one and half day of intense competitions, the championship went to 83-1 Corps and the runner-up went to 81-1 Corps. There always exists ranking when we comes to competitions and always leaves happiness and sadness from win and losing. However, while in a closing ceremony, the encouragement and blessing the president told to every student drew this brilliant carnival to a perfect end, and also, wishing the corps and competitors that do not be rewarded keeping going and never giving up, having a wonderful performance in next year!
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