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The First Semester of the 108th School Year
publish date : 2019-09-18
On the morning of August 29, 2019 (Wednesday) at 10:10 am, the first semester of the 108th school year was held. The starting ceremony was presided over by the head of the team, CHEN-TONG-HE , in addition to the 108-year and 86-team of the graduate squadron. The 88th team joined the Cheng-yuan family and explained to the students all the important things that the school handled during the summer vacation. First, improve the quality of the meal. (1) Carry out the general arrangement of the student restaurant environment and improve the dining environment. (2) Introducing well-known chain supermarkets and breakfast shops to provide more choices for students. Second, improve the accommodation environment (1) to carry out the paint painting project of the police building to improve the quality of the accommodation environment. (2) Promote the installation of elevators in the JING-YING Building and the JING-XIAN Building to create a friendly and accessible environment. (3) The air-conditioning installation and space improvement works of the JING-YING Building and the JING-XIAN Building, and the improvement of the sweltering and installation of the Cultural and Entertaining Room. Third, optimize the teaching field (1) Strengthen the structure of the teaching building and improve the earthquake resistance of the building. (2) Install the air-conditioning of the 1st and 2nd floors of the teaching building to provide a comfortable learning environment. At the end of the course, the captain encouraged all the students to repair the four successful personality traits, namely, "the confidence in the face", "the kindness in the heart", "the backbone dissolved in the blood" and "engraved in Strong in life." And I hope that my classmates will always look at themselves, whether they can work hard and pursue perfection. When they fight hard with the most profound strength, even if the future may not be able to fly, it will not leave any regret.
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