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The First Semester of the 108th School Earthquake Disaster Drill and Warm-up Exercises

publish date : 2019-10-09
In order to improve the ability of teachers and students of this year's student team to be familiar with earthquake disaster evacuation and action on evacuation, the 30th Student Internship Team held an earthquake disaster drill on the morning of October 8, 2019(Tuesday).
Through the simulation of earthquakes, all students quickly cover up and grasp the essentials of depreciation, cover and stability. After the main shock, they are quickly evacuated to the assembly point under the command and guidance of the internship cadres (empty sports ground) The collection is completed and returned by the cadres to ensure that all students are safely arrived at the safe place.
After the earthquake-resistant drills, the student internship cadres will explain the practical warm-up exercises for the teachers and students of the school. I hope to establish a good sports concept for the students to prevent sports injuries.
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