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The 32nd Internship Student Corps Inauguration

publish date : 2020-05-05
On May 4, the 32nd Student Internship Corps Inauguration was held. The Student Corps Commander in Chief Chen, Tung-he presided over and awarded the retirement commemorative medal. Thanks to the 85-2 Su, Feng-yi, the assistance and efforts of the 31st Student Internship Corps have enabled the various operations of the student team and squadrons to run smoothly and successfully, and completed the following projects during their tenure:
1. Assist in the updating of various equipment in the office building of the Student Internship Corps.
2. Second, re-plan the parking spaces for students on and off campus.
3. Handle monthly normal publicity.
4. Promote the resource recovery work of each team.
5. Holding the flag-raising and various internship team service seminars every semester.
6. Assist the squadrons in carrying out various special duties during the epidemic prevention.
7. Revise the relevant content of the student internship team's service fee.
8. Assist in the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures.
9. Promote precautions against epidemic prevention through the fan page of the Student Internship Team.
At the same time, Commander in Chief also hoped that the 32nd student internship team led by Cai, Yi-zhen could inherit the excellent tradition and mission of the student internship team, so that the soul of the police university can continue to shine.
  The case of handover of the internship team and the Inauguration was held at the time of the nomination of the team. In response to the needs of epidemic prevention, this time it was changed to the team meeting room and the resume of the new cadres was placed on the TV wall of each team for a week.
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