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Welcoming New Students of Class 891, Class 872 and Class 109.

publish date : 2020-08-19
For cultivating excellent law enforcement officers, when new students arrive, they all come through the gate with full energy and enthusiasm. This semester, students of new classes, including the four-year program class 891, the two-year program class 872 and master's program class 109, arrived school on 8/12, 8/17 and 8/19, respectively, for the Preparatory Training.

Due to the pandemic, when new students arrived, they shall wear masks in all time, check temperature and fill in the epidemic questionnaires before they entry into the campus. If there is nothing wrong, the new students can complete their registration. During the Preparatory Training, students shall keep distance with others outdoors and wear their masks on with all time indoors. At the same time, students shall check temperature as a daily routine, clean and disinfect the dormitory and the activity areas, which is to ensure the safety of the training environment.

By the lead of the officers and seniors, the new students will strengthen their faith and determine their goals. The assessment of Preparatory Training will be held on 8/26, which is the first step of being a law enforcement officer. Hope all of them can tolerate the heat of the weather and pass the assessment.
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