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The Evening Roll Call of The Student Corps

publish date : 2020-10-06
The student corps made an evening roll call on 10/5, 2019. Due to the pandemic, the corps were separated in two groups to make roll calls at different time. The first group included two-year program class 862, 872, four-year program class 871 and the female student brigade. The second group include four-year program class 881 and 891.
First, the deputy commander in chief of the student internship corps, Yun-Lung, Jiang rewarded those won the competition of decorating recycle area. Class 871 won a gold medal and class 862, 872 and the female student brigade won a silver medal. Jiang also expressed deep gratitude to those who devoted themselves to make the campus a clean environment.

Second, the cadres of the student internship corps made propaganda about the rules of housekeeping during holidays, traffic safety and the use of the package signed online system. Hope that students can understand the rules and be awareness while driving to ensure the safety.

Last, Jiang said: “While facing the challenges, those who can face bravely despite with hesitation, are the mankind with truth courageous. “ Hope that students can keep enthusiasm and hopefulness in the future, and look serious on the present days.
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