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The Earthquake Prevention Drill

publish date : 2020-10-15
The student internship corps held an earthquake prevention drill from 6:10 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. on 10/14, 2020. All the students participated the prevention drill. Hope every student can learn the skills of protecting themselves while earthquake strikes, and escape from the buildings to a safe place in a short period of time. Theses actions can make the campus more safety.

The drill can train students to stay calm while emergencies and natural disasters strike, follow the instruction to evacuate, avoid the tragedy of stampedes and crushes happened, to keep the students safe at all time.

“Training is for a guarantee of the dignity of professional.” The evacuation drill is an extraordinaire meaning for the students, especially that students might be a member of works concerning about public safety. The drill is also an opportunity for students to learn how to evacuate civilians from the buildings, which is a professional skill that students need to learn in school as well. Hope the students can cultivate the crisis management abilities themselves and learn a lot from the drill.
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