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2015 Joint Graduation Ceremony of Central Police University
publish date : 2015-08-03
2015 Joint Graduation Ceremony of Central Police University was held on June 5, 2015, and President Ma Ying-jeou was invited to be the main host.
A special launching activity of balloons of luck and peace doves took place in the company of the school president and entire faculties and students before the ceremony began. Parents also participated in such activity with great enthusiasms. Then the “Farewell around the Campus” activity was followed, which was bustling with happiness and great excitement.
The ceremony started at 10 a.m. This was the 6th Graduation Ceremony held by President Ma in Central Police University, which rendered an amiable atmosphere. There are several exchange students among the graduates this year, include 5 masters' graduates from Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, and 1 bachelor who earned his four-year hard works and efforts on gaining his degree, Dai Ming-Chen from Gambia. Recently retired Chief Officer of Police in Kaohsiung, Huang Mao-Hue also graduated from Dept. of Crime Prevention and Corrections, and received his Ph.D. diploma from President Ma.
President Ma started by addressing his gratitude to the teaching and caring of graduates’ parents and teachers of Central Police University. He also pointed out that, with the concerted efforts of the police, there was a great progression in social security. This is attributed to not only the devotion of the police but also the continuous research and analysis in the theory of crime prevention, which assists the substantive unit to gradually resolve all kinds of newly-emerged crimes. These incredible works have fully exerted their role and function of the government’s think tank.
President Ma particularly mentioned the former Minister of Coast Guard Administration, Wang Jing-Wang and former Chief of National Police Agency, Wang Zhuo-Chun, for their devotion to homeland security, protection of the rights of fishermen and social security during their terms of duty. In addition, President Ma pointed out that Taiwan was ranked the second safest country in the world for the past two years. Kindhearted people and social safety are two of the most valuable reasons that foreigners like to pay a visit in our country.
At last, President Ma encouraged the entire graduates not to underestimate themselves in the role of police officer; and every graduate could make a big contribution to our country by changing how the world sees us.
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