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The Second Semester of the 107th School Year, The Embellishment of The Recycling Area Competition

publish date : 2019-03-25
The 29th Student Internship Team held an embellishment of the resource recycling area competition in the 107th school year. The students of each squadron actively participated in the landscaping and tidying of the resource recycling area, and students used their creative to produce resource recycling videos and enhanced the awareness of environmental education. Enhancing our students actively participate in environmental protection activities, implement resource recycling, and work together to create a better living environment.

The top three winners of this landscaping regional competition are:
First place (Gold Award): Er-Ji Squadron
Second place (Silver Award): Girls Squadron
Third place (Bronze Award): 86th Squadron

The top three winners of the video contest are:
First place (Gold Award):
Group name: class seven of first grade, resource recycling pickets (Girls Squadron)
Second place (Silver Award):
Group name: Did You Recycle the Resourse (Er-Ji Squadron)
Third place (Bronze Award):
Group name: Relationship(Er-Ji Squadron)

Congratulations to the winning team and students! ! !
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