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The Second Semester of the 107th School Year, the Police Song Creation Competition

publish date : 2019-05-01
In order to implement the connotation of spiritual education and life education in our school, and to improve the effectiveness of education and training, we encourage students with music potential to create a police songs and spirits, which can unite the team's centripetal force and show the spirit and grace deportment of the cadres of the public security, the 29th The Student Internship Team held a police song creation competition on April 29, 2008 (Monday), inviting professional music review teachers to guide at the school. Each squadron showed different styles of police song creation, and the process was successful and well received by the judges.

The results of this competition are as follows:
First place: Er-Ji squadron.
Second place: 86th first squadron.
Third place: graduate student squadron.

Thanks to the wonderful performances of the participating teams, and congratulations to the winning students!
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