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The 29th and 30th Student Internship Corps Handover and Buda Ceremony
publish date : 2019-05-08
On May 6th, 108th, during the evening drill, the 29th and 30th Student Internship Team Handover and the Nomination Ceremony was held. The captain Chen Tong he presided over and presented the commemorative trophy for the interns' marvelous operation, appreciating the assistance and efforts of the 29th Student Internship Team, which was led by 84-2 squadron member Xu Zhicheng. Moreover, they enabled the students' corps and the squadrons to operate smoothly and satisfactorily, and completed the following projects during their term of office:
First, the electronic campus patrol and the change of the patrol route.
Second, handling the common theme propaganda and introduction to the use of new wine detectors.
Third, setting up the internship team fan page and the internship captain's mailbox.
Fourth, handling the resource recycling regional beautification and promotion film competition about resource recycling.
Fifth, activating the day of dining gathering with the fan page message and thumbs-up and preparing snacks for each table.
Sixth, handling the fourth and fifth parking lots and the reconstruction of the motor and scooter parking behind the Jing-Xian building.
Seventh, Re-planning of the parking area of cars and scooters on the campus and the new design of the parking permit style.
Eighth, announcement and sell-off stuff of inactive bicycles below the Jing-Xian building.
Ninth, Amending the "Regulations on the Administration of the Suspension of Steam (Machine) Vehicles" and "Regulations on the Use of Rehabilitation Units of the Corps".
Tenth, Campus service improvement plan, including the student internship team duty and various supervision services.
Eleventh, Execution of the student corps evening drill in a diversified way and improvement of flag raising joint.
Twelfth, activating English Day with cancelling English oral command, holding English-themed activities and film creation competition.
Thirteenth, conducting the "Police Song Creation Competition" and the tea-time talk with the Commander in chief.
Meanwhile, the Commander in chief also hoped that the 30th Student Internship Team led by 85-1 squadron Chen Xuan Yu can not only inherit the fine tradition and mission of the student internship, but also make the spirit of the police university continue to shine enthusiastically.
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