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The First Semester of the 108th in December Corps Assembly

publish date : 2019-12-12
On December 2, 2019, student corps evening roll call was held into three stages. In the first stage, Lieutenant Yao-Han, Wu from two-year technical student brigade shared what he saw and heard during his study period in University of Melbourne. Lieutenant Wu finished all courses in a year, successfully got his degree and returned hometown after graduation. This is really something obviously worth learning for every student.
In the second stage, student Chih-Yi, Tai demonstrated how to do CPR and use AED correctly. Student Tai adept at showing those CPR skills, CPR frequency, and the importance of using AED. If used properly, the survival rate of the wounded will be greatly improved. The students at the site studied hard and responded enthusiastically, and had more accurate and deeper understanding of the operation of CPR and AED!
In the third stage, deputy commander in chief made a speech. First of all, she explained that the school shows great concern on overseas studies in recent years. It actively cultivates young colleagues in the school to go abroad for further studies through rewards, and hopes to reach the continuation of the school's teachers and expect students to enrich themselves. Secondly, students are encouraged to review these practical CPR skills and AED skills from time to time. It can help those in need of emergency care when it is necessary. Thirdly, the police uniform is a manifestation of public power and a sign of police dignity. It is also a kind of constraint. Besides reminding students to require their own poise, they should be more cautious inside and outside the school. We should be more aware of not doing anything that will cause harm to the police (school) image. In the end, she said that the recent temperature drop and reminded students to put more clothes to keep warm. She asked students to pay more attention to their personal health. Moreover, the Principal's Cup Policing Skills Competition was held this Friday, deputy commander in chief reminded students to fully warm up before the game to reduce sports injuries and follow the spirit of sportsmen.
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