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Student Driver Training
publish date : 2015-04-23
Traffic safety training is important to enforce the driving skill and safety concept so as to protect themselves from traffic affairs or either pass on the security driving concept to their families and classmates. Since the winter vacation of 2015, CPU hosted the safety training of driving. Students all gained great results.
The CPU students serve as the basic level security cadres after passing the examination of police. Thus, safe driving with sufficient training is important. However, students usually only have basic driving experiences, which do not make any difference with ordinary people in terms of safety driving concepts and skills. Scooter drivers even have no driving trainings at all. According to the study, approximately 3.5 deaths were caused by scooter accidents every week. And the statistic also shows that an average of 600 traffic incidents occur while police were on duty, therefore, the safe driving concept is an important issue which police education should focus on.
Under the President Tiao’s guidance, Hsin-Chu Driving Education center organized training lessons from January 19th to 30th, 2015. A total of 100 students attended the driving safety training courses and 83 students attended the scooter driving safety courses Each group lasted for 2 days and CPU also selected 10 young student corps cadres as the ready-in-train instructor.
Most students acquired many new driving safety concepts from training lessons and they’ve learned and improved a lot from various practical road driving. For example, the way to adjust seat belts and head pillows to keep the driver safe or how the emergency braking should be used in order to prevent the braking system lock-down. Concepts mentioned above can bring great benefits to driving cars and scooters safely. Therefore, the students recommended juniors to attend this training in order to learn scooter driving skills correctly and secure the safety of driving on road in the future.
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